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Practice Relating to Rule 158. Prosecution of War Crimes
Section A. General
Djibouti’s Disciplinary Regulations (1982) states that “violating the rules [of IHL] [turns members of Djibouti’s military into] war criminals who may be brought before military tribunals.” 
Djibouti, Décret no. 82-028/PR/DEF du 5 mai 1982 portant règlement de la discipline générale dans les Forces armées, Article 33.
Djibouti’s Manual on International Humanitarian Law (2004) states:
Means of repression
These are means which implement the obligation of parties to a conflict to prevent and stop any violation [of IHL]. Concerning mechanisms of repression, the following are stressed in particular:
- the obligation to repress through national tribunals grave breaches considered to be war crimes. 
Djibouti, Manuel sur le droit international humanitaire et les droits de l’homme applicables au travail du policier, Ministère de l’Intérieur, Direction Générale de la Police, 2004, p. 14.