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Practice Relating to Rule 99. Deprivation of Liberty
Section D. Prompt appearance before a judge or judicial officer
In the Charkaoui case before the Supreme Court of Canada in 2007, in which the three appellants challenged the constitutionality of the provisions of the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) under which they had been detained for suspected links to terrorist activities, the Supreme Court held:
28. The overarching principle of fundamental justice that applies here is this: before the state can detain people for significant periods of time, it must accord them a fair judicial process …
29. This basic principle has a number of facets. It comprises the right to a hearing. It requires that the hearing be before an independent and impartial magistrate. It demands a decision by the magistrate on the facts and the law. 
Canada, Supreme Court, Charkaoui case, Judgment, 23 February 2007, §§ 28 and 29.
[emphasis in original]
In 2004, in its fifth periodic report to the Human Rights Committee, Canada stated: “Anyone arrested must be taken before a judge within 24 hours if a judge is available and otherwise as soon as possible.” 
Canada, Fifth periodic report to the Human Rights Committee, UN Doc. CCPR/C/CAN/2004/5, 18 November 2004, § 63.