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Practice Relating to Rule 145. Reprisals
Section F. Limitation of reprisals by principles of humanity
Belgium’s Law of War Manual (1983), regarding the circumstances in which reprisals may be taken against individuals, cites a writer’s opinion and states: “Putting to death innocent persons to impose order by terror is a violation of both written law and the basic principles of humanity.” 
Belgium, Droit Pénal et Disciplinaire Militaire et Droit de la Guerre, Deuxième Partie, Droit de la Guerre, Ecole Royale Militaire, par J. Maes, Chargé de cours, Avocat-général près la Cour Militaire, D/1983/1187/029, 1983, p. 36, referring to Lord Wright, BYIL, Vol. 25, 1954, p. 296–310.