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Practice Relating to Rule 150. Reparation
Section C. Forms of reparation other than compensation
In 2014, in an oral answer to a question without notice in the Senate, Zimbabwe’s Minister of Defence stated:
[I]t is true as we all know that during the liberation war, the Rhodesians planted a lot of landmines along our borders with Zambia, Mozambique and South Africa …
There are people who have lost limbs; they have been amputated by these landmines and have undergone medical treatment. Some of them have got prostheses, that is artificial limbs and that process is going on.
With regards to compensation in monetary terms, that is for the time being not under way but we think everything that is possible should be done to rehabilitate all those that have been injured or maimed by these landmines …
In the Ministry of Defence, we are … working together with the Red Cross, so that those who have lost their limbs have got these artificial legs. 
Zimbabwe, Parliament of Zimbabwe, Oral answers by the Government to questions without notice in the Senate, Hansard, 28 August 2014, pp. 30–31.