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South Africa
Practice Relating to Rule 113. Treatment of the Dead
Section B. Protection of the dead against despoliation
South Africa’s LOAC Teaching Manual (2008) states:
2.1 Basic Categories of Persons and Objects Recognised under the LOAC [law of armed conflict]
d. Wounded, sick, shipwrecked, the dead and missing.
Search for Casualties
[1949] Geneva Convention I article 15 stipulates that the Parties to the conflict must, at all times, particularly after an engagement, without delay, take all possible measures to[:]
- search for the dead and prevent their being despoiled.
The Dead (Article 17 [1949] Geneva Convention I)
- The bodies of the dead must be collected and protected against plundering. 
South Africa, Advanced Law of Armed Conflict Teaching Manual, School of Military Justice, 1 April 2008, as amended to 25 October 2013, Learning Unit 2, pp. 52, 102, 103–104 and 106.