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Practice Relating to Rule 142. Instruction in International Humanitarian Law within Armed Forces
Section A. General
Uruguay’s Law on the National Armed Forces (1983) provides: “The personnel of the National Armed Forces shall know and strictly comply with all the principles and rules provided for in the Conventions and Conferences on the International Law of War which have been ratified by the Republic.” 
Uruguay, Law on the National Armed Forces, 1983, Article 362; see also Article 363.
Uruguay’s Law on Cooperation with the ICC (2006) states:
The State is obliged to inform and disseminate to the widest extent possible the norms of domestic and international law that regulate the aforementioned crimes and offences [including war crimes]. Education and training programmes must be implemented for public officials, in particular for all levels of … military … personnel. For military personnel, special programmes must be established for continuous comprehensive education in international humanitarian law. 
Uruguay, Law on Cooperation with the ICC, 2006, Article 30.
In a decree issued in 1992, the Government of Uruguay entrusted the administration of IHL courses, in coordination with the National Committee on Humanitarian Law of the Ministry of National Defence, to the country’s main military academy, Instituto Militar de Estudios Superiores, and in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to the Instituto Artigas de Relaciones Exteriores – Escuela Diplomática. 
Uruguay, Executive Decree No. 678 del PEN, Cométesa la instrumentación de Cursos en coordinación con la Comisión Nacional de Derecho Humanitario, 24 November 1992, Diario Oficial, 1 March 1993, pp. 498-A and 499-A.
Courses on the law of war and public international law (including the law of armed conflict) are taught at the Instituto Militar de Estudios Superiores (courses for first-year students in the programme that trains officers), at the Escuela de Armas y Servicios (training and finishing programme for officers) and at the Escuela Militar (courses for future officers). 
Uruguay, Instituto Militar de Estudios Superiores, Law of War Syllabus; Escuela de Armas y Servicios del Ejército, Public International Law Syllabus; Escuela Militar, Public International Law Syllabus, Report on the Practice of Uruguay, 1997, Chapter 6.6.
IHL instruction is also included in the law programme of the Escuela de Policía. 
Uruguay, Escuela de Policía Juan Carlos Gómez Folle, Human Rights Syllabus, Report on the Practice of Uruguay, 1997, Chapter 6.6.