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Practice Relating to Rule 50. Destruction and Seizure of Property of an Adversary
Uganda’s Geneva Conventions Act (1964) punishes “any person, whatever his nationality, who, whether within or without Uganda commits or aids, abets or procures the commission by any other person of any grave breach of the [1949 Geneva] Conventions”. 
Uganda, Geneva Conventions Act, 1964, Section 1(1).
Uganda’s National Resistance Army Statute (1992) punishes any “person subject to military law who … without orders from his superior officer, improperly destroys or damages any property”. 
Uganda, National Resistance Army Statute, 1992, Section 35(c).
Uganda’s Defence Forces Act (2005) provides that any “person subject to military law, who … wilfully destroys or damages public or private property” commits an offence. 
Uganda, Defence Forces Act, 2005, § 162(b).