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Practice Relating to Rule 34. Journalists
Ukraine’s IHL Manual (2004) states:
1.2.24. Non-combatants (those who do not fight) are members of the armed forces who provide assistance to them but take no direct part in hostilities. These [include] … war correspondents … Weapons shall not be employed against such persons while they are engaged in the performance of their direct duties.
Such persons become combatants in case of their direct participation in hostilities.
1.2.43. Journalists who are not members of armed forces and engaged in professional missions in areas of armed conflict shall be considered as civilians. They shall be protected under international humanitarian law provided that they take no hostile action. 
Ukraine, Manual on the Application of IHL Rules, Ministry of Defence, 11 September 2004, §§ 1.2.24 and 1.2.43.