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Practice Related to Rule 94. Slavery and Slave Trade
In 2009, in its written replies to the issues raised by the Human Rights Committee with regard to Chad’s initial report, Chad stated:
Concerns persist in the case of international adoption as Chad has not yet ratified the Hague Convention of 1993 on Protection of Children and Cooperation in respect of Inter-Country Adoption. This legal lacuna makes it impossible to monitor children adopted by foreigners and it exposes some children to the risks of exploitation in a context of increasing trafficking in children. In practice however the legal procedure for adoption is rarely followed. The traditional method of adoption … is unfortunately expanding as a result of the increasing number of orphans and children rendered vulnerable by conflict … , who are taken in by families without any legal proceedings. 
Chad, Written replies by the Government of Chad to the Human Rights Committee concerning the list of issues to be taken up in connection with the initial report of Chad, 20 January 2009, UN Doc. CCPR/C/TCD/Q/1/Add.1, submitted 12 January 2009, § 51.