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Practice Relating to Rule 2. Violence Aimed at Spreading Terror among the Civilian Population
Chad’s Law on the Suppression of Terrorist Acts (2015) states:
Article 14: The death penalty shall be applied to anyone who, either individually or in cooperation with others, commits any act or threat which may cause death, endanger physical integrity, or cause injury or material damage, damage to natural resources, to the environment or to cultural heritage, and is intended to … :
a) intimidate the population, provoke a situation of terror, or compel the government and/or a national or international organization to do or abstain from doing any act, to adopt or abandon a particular standpoint, or to act according to certain principles;
Article 16: The death penalty shall be applied to anyone who, to attain the objectives outlined in paragraph a of Article 14 above:
a) provides and/or uses weapons and war material;
b) provides and/or uses micro-organisms or any other biological agents including, in particular, viruses, bacteria, fungi or toxins;
c) provides and/or uses chemical, psychological, radioactive or hypnotizing agents;
d) engages in hostage-taking.
Article 19: The offences referred to in paragraphs a, b and c of Article 16 above are established even in case of an officially declared war. 
Chad, Law on the Suppression of Terrorist Acts, 2015, Articles 14(a), 16 and 19.