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Practice Relating to Rule 28. Medical Units
Somalia’s Military Criminal Code (1963) states:
363. Where a commander fails to adopt measures to protect buildings, places or objects that must be respected. – 1. A penalty of military confinement for up to three years shall be imposed on a commander of attacking forces who fails to adopt the measures prescribed by law and by international agreements to ensure respect for:
(a) hospitals or any other building or place of recovery or treatment for the sick and wounded, mobile medical units or fixed medical establishments … where they are not at the same time being used for military purposes and have been designated by the distinctive signs specified in the international conventions, or have in some way been indicated in advance to the enemy, and are easily visible even from a great distance and at a high altitude.
375. Use of weapons against … hospitals … – Anyone who uses weapons against … hospitals, mobile medical units, fixed medical establishments … or any other place for the recovery or treatment of the sick or wounded … when, in accordance with the law and international agreements, they must be regarded as respected and protected, shall, unless the act constitutes a more serious offence, be punished by military confinement for not less than 10 years. 
Somalia, Military Criminal Code, 1963, Articles 363(1)(a) and 375.