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Practice Relating to Rule 137. Participation of Child Soldiers in Hostilities
In 2011, in its report to the Human Rights Council, Somalia stated:
75. Somalia has not ratified AP II [1977 Additional Protocol II] and it is therefore not directly applicable to Somalia as a matter of treaty law. The Government is aware that many provisions of AP II represent customary IHL rules and therefore apply to the situation in Somalia. Such provisions include Article 4 providing guarantees to persons taking no active part in hostilities … due to the fact that these norms are reflected in Common Article 3 of the [1949] Geneva Conventions.
81. The fighting in Somalia has been marked by widespread and systematic use of children as soldiers. The Government is aware of its international obligations prohibiting the use [of] children in hostilities. 
Somalia, Report to the Human Rights Council, 11 April 2011, UN Doc. A/HRC/WG.6/11/SOM/1, §§ 75 and 81.