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Practice Relating to Rule 161. International Cooperation in Criminal Proceedings
Section B. Extradition
Sweden’s IHL Manual (1991) notes:
Additional Protocol I … states that the contracting parties shall to the greatest extent possible assist each other in connection with penal procedures instituted as a consequence of grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions or the Protocol. The States shall also cooperate in extradition cases …
In the extradition request the government can refer to the article in Additional Protocol I concerning mutual assistance in criminal proceedings ([the 1977 Additional Protocol I], Art. 88:2), according to which due consideration shall be given to a request for extradition from the state in whose territory the alleged offence has occurred. 
Sweden, International Humanitarian Law in Armed Conflict, with reference to the Swedish Total Defence System, Swedish Ministry of Defence, January 1991, Section 4.2, p. 97.