Соответствующая норма
Practice Relating to Rule 89. Violence to Life
Sudan’s Armed Forces Act (2007) provides:
Subject to the provisions of the Criminal Act of 1991, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term not exceeding twenty years, or with any lighter penalty, whoever treats inhumanly any of the persons hereinafter mentioned, during wartime, by killing him/her …:
(a) civilians, as long as they enjoy such capacity;
(b) journalists who perform professional missions;
(c) personnel of the medical and religious service of the enemy, unless they turn into combatants;
(d) personnel of enemy civil defense, unless they turn into combatants;
(e) a prisoner of war, as long as he/she enjoys such capacity;
(f) international monitors;
(g) officials belonging to international agencies and organizations, protected by international treaties and agreements ratified by the Sudan. 
Sudan, Armed Forces Act, 2007, Article 152.