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Russian Federation
Practice Relating to Rule 54. Attacks against Objects Indispensable to the Survival of the Civilian Population
Section C. Attacks in case of military necessity
The Russian Federation’s Regulations on the Application of IHL (2001) states:
When making a decision, in exceptional cases, the commander, proceeding from the principle of military necessity, may define:
- the missions to attack, destroy or put out of commission objects indispensable for the survival of the civilian population which are used by the enemy exclusively for the benefit of his own forces or in direct support of his combat effort, provided this will not cause famine among the civilian population and will not compel it to leave. The same can be done by a party to the conflict on its own territory as a defence against the enemy invasion, when there is military necessity to do so. 
Russian Federation, Regulations on the Application of International Humanitarian Law by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, Moscow, 8 August 2001, § 22.