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Practice Relating to Rule 51. Public and Private Property in Occupied Territory
Section C. Private property in occupied territory
In the Greiser case before Poland’s Supreme National Tribunal in 1946, the accused, a governor and gauleiter of the Nazi party for provinces incorporated in the German Reich, was charged with war crimes for having incited, assisted in the commission of, and committed, inter alia, acts of systematic and illegal deprivation of the Polish population of its private property, in contravention of Articles 46, 52 and 55 of the 1907 Hague Regulations. Notably, the accused was charged with having taken part in “extortion and appropriation of the movables of Polish citizens, … in the territories in question … either by seizure, confiscation or by simply depriving of them persons being deported”. 
Poland, Supreme National Tribunal, Greiser case, Judgment, 7 July 1946.