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Practice Relating to Rule 100. Fair Trial Guarantees
Section K. Public proceedings
The Manual of Pakistan Military Law (1987) states:
Opening of court. – The court is now open, and the public, whether military or otherwise (including the press), may be admitted so far as accommodation permits. It may be closed at any time to enable the members to deliberate in private (PAA [Pakistan Army Act] Rule 67).
A court martial is an open court like other courts of justice, but it has inherent powers to sit in camera if such course is necessary for the administration of justice. 
Pakistan, Manual of Pakistan Military Law, Vol. 1, Ministry of Defence, Government of Pakistan, 1987, p. 35.
Pakistan’s Anti-Terrorism Act (1997) states:
The Court may, subject to the availability of resources, make such necessary orders or take such measures, as it deems fit, within available resources, for the protection of a witness, judge, public prosecutor, counsel and other persons concerned in proceedings for an offence under this Act, which may also include the following measures –
(a) proceedings may be held in camera; or under restricted entry of members of the public, where necessary for the protection of the judge, witnesses or a victim’s family members or to prevent persons from crowding or storming the Court to intimidate the judge or to create a threatening atmosphere. 
Pakistan, Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997, Section 21.