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Practice Relating to Rule 152. Command Responsibility for Orders to Commit War Crimes
In 2009, in the Fujimori case, the Special Criminal Chamber of Peru’s Supreme Court of Justice was called upon to decide whether a former Peruvian president was criminally responsible for acts committed in 1991 and 1992 in the context of anti-terror operations, including the abduction of two individuals (the so-called SIE Basement Case) and the murder and injury of numerous individuals in Barrios Altos and at the ‘La Cantuta’ university in Lima, all of which were carried out by State officials. The Court held: “Superior Responsibility refers to … commission by omission and generates the responsibility of the individual who commands the direct perpetrator of the crime.” 
Peru, Supreme Court of Justice, Fujimori case, 7 April 2009, § 737.