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Practice Relating to Rule 25. Medical Personnel
Section B. Equipment of medical personnel with light individual weapons
Norway’s Medical Services Directive (2009) states:
(1) Medical personnel can be issued with and use personal weapons, which include pistol, machine gun, gun and rifle. These types of weapons should only be used in self-defence purposes.
(2) Medical personnel do not lose the protection they are entitled to if they are in a self-defence situation, using the weapon that are otherwise available to achieve a genuine self-defence, even if these weapons would be other weapons than personal weapons as defined in the first paragraph. 
Norway, Directive on Compliance with Certain International Law Obligations Concerning the Medical Services, Chief of Defence, Defence Staff Norway, 1 May 2009, § 5(1)–(2).
Norway’s Military Penal Code (1902), as amended in 1981, provides:
Anyone who contravenes or is accessory to the contravention of provisions relating to the protection of persons or property laid down in … the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949 … [and in] the two additional protocols to these Conventions … is liable to imprisonment. 
Norway, Military Penal Code, 1902, as amended in 1981, § 108.