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Republic of Moldova
Practice Relating to Rule 158. Prosecution of War Crimes
Section A. General
The Republic of Moldova’s Penal Code (2002) provides sanctions for perpetrators of certain acts such as: “genocide” (Article 135); “ecocide” (Article 136); “inhuman treatments” (Article 137); “violations of international humanitarian law” committed “during an armed conflict or hostilities” (Article 138); “mercenary activity … in an armed conflict or military hostilities” (Article 141); “use of prohibited means and methods of warfare … during an armed conflict” (Article 143); “unlawful use of the red cross signs” (Article 363); “pillage of the dead on the battlefield” (Article 389); “acts of violence against the civilian population in the area of military hostilities” (Article 390); “grave breaches of international humanitarian law … committed during international and internal armed conflicts” (Article 391); and “perfidious use of the red cross emblem as a protective sign during armed conflict” (Article 392). 
Republic of Moldova, Penal Code, 2002, Articles 135–138, 141, 143, 363 and 389–392.