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Practice Relating to Rule 92. Mutilation and Medical, Scientific or Biological Experiments
Jordan’s Military Penal Code (2002) states that “biological experiments” shall be deemed war crimes when committed in the event of armed conflict. 
Jordan, Military Penal Code, 2002, Article 41(a)(2).
The Military Penal Code further characterizes the following as a war crime:
Any act or omission committed during an armed conflict that causes injury to the physical or mental health and integrity of persons who are in the power of the adverse party or who are interned, detained, or otherwise deprived of liberty. It is prohibited to subject these persons to any medical procedure which is not indicated by the state of health of the person concerned and which is not consistent with generally accepted standards that would be applied under similar medical circumstances to persons who are nationals. 
Jordan, Military Penal Code, 2002, Article 41(a)(20).