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Practice Relating to Rule 28. Medical Units
The Hellenic Territorial Army’s Internal Service Code (1984), as amended, provides: “Members of the armed forces should: … Respect hospitals and places of gathering of wounded and sick.” 
Greece, Hellenic Territorial Army Regulation of Internal Service Code, Presidential Decree 130/1984 (Military Regulation 20-1), as amended, Article 14(d).
The Hellenic Navy’s International Law Manual (1995) provides:
1. … [T]he provisions of the otherwise obsolete IX Hague Convention concerning the respect and protection of the victims of armed conflict should be considered as bearing a perpetual binding effect.
2. To the above effect, the significance of the codified text of IX Hague Convention is great and the following provisions should be applied by the belligerents:
b. In bombardments by naval forces, all the necessary measures must be taken by the commander to spare, as far as possible, … hospitals and places where sick and wounded are collected (art. 5). 
Greece, International Law Manual, Hellenic Navy General Staff, Directorate A2, Division IV, 1995, Chapter 7, Part II, §§ 1–2.