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Practice Relating to Rule 52. Pillage
Guinea’s Soldier’s Manual (2010), under the heading “Civilians”, states: “Respect their property; do not … steal it.” 
Guinea, Soldier’s Manual, Ministry of National Defence, 2010, p. 16.
Under the heading “Rules of conduct in combat”, the manual also states: “Respect the property of others. Pillage is prohibited.” 
Guinea, Soldier’s Manual, Ministry of National Defence, 2010, p. 16.
Guinea’s Disciplinary Regulations (2012) states: “Military personnel in combat are prohibited from … engaging in any needless destruction and any pillaging, especially of private property”. 
Guinea, Règlement de Service dans les Forces Armées, Volume 1: Règlement de Discipline Générale (Service Regulations in the Armed Forces, Volume 1: General Discipline Regulations), 2012 edition, Ministère de la Défense Nationale, approved by Presidential Decree No. D 293/PRG/SGG/2012, 6 December 2012, Article 12(b).
Guinea’s Criminal Code (1998) punishes pillage and damage to commodities, goods or belongings committed by soldiers as a group. 
Guinea, Criminal Code, 1998, Article 569.
Guinea’s Code of Military Justice (2011) states:
Pillage or damage to foodstuff, commodities or clothes committed by soldiers as a group … with weapons or open force, by breaking doors or fences, or by using violence against persons, shall be punished with 10 to 20 years’ imprisonment. 
Guinea, Code of Military Justice, 2011, Article 148.