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Practice Relating to Rule 135. Children
Section E. Rehabilitation and reintegration of former child soldiers
In 2009, in its second periodic report to the Committee on the Rights of the Child, Guinea stated:
471. Guinea has been greatly affected by the civil wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone that have raged since 24 December 1989. …
475. This situation has also given rise to child trafficking and separated children from their families. A study conducted in November 1999 by the International Rescue Committee (IRC) has helped to identify and document 252 separated children on the streets of Conakry. These children were separated from their families following rebel incursions into border areas, resulting in a sadly unknown number of Guinean and refugee children being abducted and forcibly recruited into the rebel forces and turned into child soldiers.
482. Action taken:
- Repatriation and reintegration of 25 to 40 former child soldiers demobilized in Liberia.
491. In addition, with assistance from ICRC, 23 former child combatants in Liberia were demobilized and returned to their homes in Guinée Forestière, involving 16 communities in four prefectures. These children were able to rejoin their families and benefit from a customized project monitored by the non-governmental organization Sabou Guinée with funding from UNICEF. 
Guinea, Second periodic report to the Committee on the Rights of the Child, 18 April 2012, UN Doc. CRC/C/GIN/2, submitted 24 December 2009, §§ 471, 475, 482 and 491.