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Practice Relating to Rule 123. Recording and Notification of Personal Details of Persons Deprived of Their Liberty
Guinea’s Soldier’s Manual (2010), under the heading “Imprisoned enemy combatants”, states: “Their families must be informed of their detention.” 
Guinea, Soldier’s Manual, Ministry of National Defence, 2010, p. 6.
Under the heading “Rules of conduct in combat”, the manual also states: “[Prisoners] are not bound to provide any information apart from information concerning their identity.” 
Guinea, Soldier’s Manual, Ministry of National Defence, 2010, p. 15.
Guinea’s Disciplinary Regulations (2012) states:
The list of evacuated prisoners shall be drawn up as soon as possible; each prisoner, when questioned, is bound to give only his surname, first names, date of birth, rank, service number or, failing this, to give equivalent information. 
Guinea, Règlement de Service dans les Forces Armées, Volume 1: Règlement de Discipline Générale (Service Regulations in the Armed Forces, Volume 1: General Discipline Regulations), 2012 edition, Ministère de la Défense Nationale, approved by Presidential Decree No. D 293/PRG/SGG/2012, 6 December 2012, Article 13(a).
Guinea’s Children’s Code (2008) states:
A Child under the age of 15 deprived of liberty for reasons linked to an armed conflict shall benefit from all the protection granted to him by International Humanitarian Law.
In particular:
- The Child’s parents or guardians shall be informed without delay of his arrest, detention or internment. 
Guinea, Children’s Code, 2008, Article 435.