Соответствующая норма
Practice Relating to Rule 121. Location of Internment and Detention Centres
Guinea’s Disciplinary Regulations (2012) states:
Prisoners shall be evacuated as soon as possible after their capture to muster points which are located far enough from the combat zone. They must not be unnecessarily exposed to danger while awaiting evacuation.
The evacuation of prisoners must take place under the same conditions, notably of security, as troop movements. 
Guinea, Règlement de Service dans les Forces Armées, Volume 1: Règlement de Discipline Générale (Service Regulations in the Armed Forces, Volume 1: General Discipline Regulations), 2012 edition, Ministère de la Défense Nationale, approved by Presidential Decree No. D 293/PRG/SGG/2012, 6 December 2012, Article 13(a).