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Practice Relating to Rule 56. Freedom of Movement of Humanitarian Relief Personnel
Georgia’s Law on Occupied Territories (2008) states:
Limitation of Free Movement in the Occupied Territories
2. Citizens of foreign countries and persons without citizenship shall be prohibited to enter the Occupied Territories from any other directions except the ones specified in Paragraph 1 of this Article [Zugdidi and Gori municipalities]; violation of this requirement shall lead to punishment under the criminal law of Georgia.
4. The prohibition and respective responsibility prescribed by Paragraph 2 of this Article shall not be extended to:
b) Persons providing immediate humanitarian assistance in the Occupied Territories in order to ensure the right to life of the population, in particular, by providing the population with food, medication and emergency supplies.
5. Persons defined in Paragraph 4 of this Article shall be required to notify the Government of Georgia of the time of entry to and departure from the Occupied Territories, prior to entry into the Occupied Territories from the prohibited directions or, in case of failure to do so, to notify [the Government of Georgia] within a reasonable period of time after entry. Persons defined in Paragraph 4 (b) shall also be required to submit information on the assistance provided to the population. 
Georgia, Law on Occupied Territories, 2008, Article 4(2), (4)(b) and (5).