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Practice Relating to Rule 88. Non-Discrimination
Section E. Apartheid
Spain’s LOAC Manual (1996) states that “carrying out practices of apartheid and other inhuman and degrading practices” is a grave breach and is qualified as a war crime. 
Spain, Orientaciones. El Derecho de los Conflictos Armados, Publicación OR7-004, 2 Tomos, aprobado por el Estado Mayor del Ejército, División de Operaciones, 18 March 1996, Vol. I, § 11.8.b.(1).
Spain’s Penal Code (1995) provides for the punishment of anyone who orders or carries out practices of racial segregation or other inhuman and degrading practices involving outrages upon personal dignity. 
Spain, Penal Code, 1995, Article 611(6).