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Practice Relating to Rule 125. Correspondence of Persons Deprived of Their Liberty
Colombia’s Circular on Fundamental Rules of IHL (1992) provides: “Captured combatants and civilian persons who are under the power of the adverse Party … have the right to exchange news with their families.” 
Colombia, Transcripción Normas Fundamentales del Derecho Humanitario Aplicables en los Conflictos Armados, Circular No. 033/DIPL-SERPO-526, Policía Nacional, Dirección General, Santafé de Bogotá, 14 May 1992, § 4.
Colombia’s Basic Military Manual (1995) provides that, in both international and non-international armed conflicts, detained persons shall have the right to communicate with their families and receive letters. 
Colombia, Derecho Internacional Humanitario – Manual Básico para las Personerías y las Fuerzas Armadas de Colombia, Ministerio de Defensa Nacional, 1995, p. 21.