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Practice Relating to Rule 161. International Cooperation in Criminal Proceedings
Section D. Political offence exception to extradition
Cameroon’s Criminal Procedure Code (2005) provides:
Conditions of Extradition
Section 642
(1) Any act serving as a ground for extradition shall:
(b) by Cameroonian law, constitute an ordinary law offence;
(c) from the circumstances and facts show that extradition is not requested for political, religious or racial reasons, or based on the nationality of the persons concerned.
(2)(a) Felonies and misdemeanours which are not directed against any kind of government shall be considered as common law offences and may justify extradition.
(b) Offences of universal jurisdiction provided by international conventions and ratified by Cameroon shall be considered as ordinary law offences.
Section 643
(1)(a) Felonies and misdemeanours directed against the Constitution, the sovereignty of the State and Public Authorities shall be considered as political offences, for which extradition shall not be granted.
(b) The assessment of the political, religious or racial nature or reasons, or of the grounds for citizenship, for the application shall lie with the government to which the application is made.
(c) Where the offence is in itself political, religious or racial or based on citizenship, it shall be left to the requesting State to prove the contrary.
(2) The following shall also be considered as basis for which extradition may not be granted:
(b) offences that are related to political, religious and racial offences, or based on citizenship. 
Cameroon, Criminal Procedure Code, 2005, Sections 642–643.