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Practice Relating to Rule 26. Medical Activities
Switzerland’s Regulation on Legal Bases for Conduct during an Engagement (2005) states:
13 Protected persons
13.1 Behaviour with regard to the wounded, sick and shipwrecked and medical and religious personnel
174 In combat, the disarmament, rescue of and the provision of first aid to the wounded, sick and shipwrecked begins as soon as the situation allows. For security reasons this usually does not happen spontaneously. The superiors make the necessary arrangements. No distinction may be made between friend and enemy or between civilian and military personnel. Purely medical criteria determine the priority in medical treatment. No one may be punished for having cared for the wounded or sick.
176 Medical personnel, equipment and means of transport as well as localities used by the military service must be spared and must not be hindered in the fulfilment of their mission.
177 … Civilian and military medical personnel must be enabled to carry out their duties at all times. 
Switzerland, Bases légales du comportement à l’engagement (BCE), Règlement 51.007/IVf, Swiss Army, issued based on Article 10 of the Ordinance on the Organization of the Federal Department for Defence, Civil Protection and Sports of 7 March 2003, entry into force on 1 July 2005, §§ 174 and 176–177.