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Central African Republic
Practice Relating to Rule 142. Instruction in International Humanitarian Law within Armed Forces
Section A. General
The Central African Republic’s Instructor’s Manual (1999) states in Volume 2 (Instruction for group and patrol leaders):
The main objective of teaching the law of war is to ensure that soldiers’ spontaneous reactions are in compliance with the principles of the law of war. Soldiers must know that respecting these rules is part of military discipline and that any violations will result in disciplinary or penal sanctions.
The law of war must be incorporated into the military instruction programmes of military units.
The instruction of individual combatants is a priority. The aim is to develop automatic behaviours. Such behaviours are to be:
- obtained by individual instruction and practice;
- controlled during combat exercises at the group, section or platoon level. 
Central African Republic, Le Droit de la Guerre, Fascicule No. 2: Formation pour l’obtention du certificat technique No. 2 (Chef de Groupe), du certificat Inter-Armé (CIA), du certificat d’aptitude de Chef de Patrouille (CACP), Ministère de la Défense, Forces Armées Centrafricaines, 1999, Chapter IV, Section III, see also Introduction, Section II.
The Central African Republic’s Interdepartmental Order on the Dissemination of IHL (2008) states:
Art. 1: A Committee for the Dissemination of International Humanitarian Law to the Defence and Security Forces is created.
Art. 2: The committee is responsible for the coordination and the efficiency of International Humanitarian Law activities within the Defence and Security Forces.
In this respect, it is responsible for:
- Elaborating the instruction and training manual on IHL;
- Designing the training programmes;
- Disseminating International Humanitarian Law to the Defence and Security Forces;
- Elaborating and updating … the strategies for training on, and dissemination of, International Humanitarian Law in the security sector, in line with the recommendations of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). 
Central African Republic, Interdepartmental Order on the Dissemination of IHL, 2008, Articles 1–2.