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Practice Relating to Rule 84. The Protection of Civilians and Civilian Objects from the Effects of Incendiary Weapons
In 1974, during discussions in the Ad Hoc Committee on Conventional Weapons established by the CDDH, Brazil stated: “There were good humanitarian reasons for the international community to agree at least on restricting the use of incendiary weapons against targets which were not exclusively military.” 
Brazil, Statement at the CDDH, Official Records, Vol. XVI, CDDH/IV/SR.2, 14 March 1974, p. 18, § 7; see also Official Records, Vol. XVI, CDDH/IV/SR.6, 22 March 1974, p. 50, § 18 and Vol. XVI, CDDH/IV/SR.10, 19 February 1975, p. 92, § 5.