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Burkina Faso
Practice Relating to Rule 61. Improper Use of Other Internationally Recognized Emblems
Burkina Faso’s Disciplinary Regulations (1994) provides that, under the laws and customs of war, it is prohibited “to use improperly … the distinctive insignia recognized by international conventions”. 
Burkina Faso, Règlement de Discipline Générale dans les Forces Armées, Décret No. 94-159/IPRES/DEF, Ministère de la Défense, 1994, Article 35(2).
Burkina Faso’s Code of Military Justice (1994) punishes the improper use, in violation of the laws and customs of war, of the distinctive insignia and emblems for the protection of persons, objects and locations as defined in international conventions, in time of war and in an area of military operations. 
Burkina Faso, Code of Military Justice, 1994, Article 205.