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South Africa
Practice Relating to Rule 145. Reprisals
Section B. Reasonable notice and measure of last resort
South Africa’s LOAC Manual (1996) states: “Reprisals are only permitted according to strict criteria.” 
South Africa, Presentation on the South African Approach to International Humanitarian Law, Appendix A, Chapter 4: International Humanitarian Law (The Law of Armed Conflict), National Defence Force, 1996, § 34(e).
South Africa’s LOAC Teaching Manual (2008) states:
- Under customary international law, reprisals against persons and objects not protected against reprisals can be justified if the reprisals meet certain criteria, including the following:
- Other reasonable means to secure compliance must have been undertaken and have failed (last resort).
- There must be reasonable warning that reprisals will be taken unless the illegal acts are stopped. 
South Africa, Advanced Law of Armed Conflict Teaching Manual, School of Military Justice, 1 April 2008, as amended to 25 October 2013, Learning Unit 3, pp. 194–195.