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Viet Nam
Practice Relating to Rule 100. Fair Trial Guarantees
Section A. General
Viet Nam’s Criminal Code (2015), which includes war crimes, states:
Article 3. Rules for punishing crimes
1. With regard to criminals:
a) Every crime committed by a person must be discovered promptly and dealt with quickly and fairly in compliance with [the] law;
b) All criminals are equal before the law regardless of gender, ethnicity, belief, religion, social class, or social status[.] 
Viet Nam, Criminal Code, 2015, Article 3(1)(a)–(b).
Viet Nam’s Criminal Procedure Code (2015), which is applicable to the prosecution of war crimes, states:
Article 15. Determination of facts in a lawsuit
Competent procedural authorities, within their duties and authority, must use legitimate measures to determine the facts of a lawsuit in unbiased, thorough and complete ways, to clarify the evidence[] of guilt and innocence, aggravation and mitigation of criminal liabilities of the accused person.
Article 25. Timely, just and public trial
A Court holds trials in [a] timely manner by the regulated deadline and upholds fairness. 
Viet Nam, Criminal Procedure Code, 2015, Articles 15 and 25.