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Practice Relating to Rule 30. Persons and Objects Displaying the Distinctive Emblem
Romania’s Soldiers’ Manual (1991) prohibits attacks against buildings displaying the emblem. 
Romania, Manualul Soldatului, Ghid de comportare în luptă, Asociaţia Română de Drept Umanitar (ARDU), 1991, p. 19.
Romania’s Penal Code (1968) provides for the punishment of anyone who “subjects to inhuman treatment … members of … the Red Cross or any other organization assimilated with it … or subjects such persons to medical or scientific experiments”. 
Romania, Penal Code, 1968, Article 358.
It further provides for the punishment of:
The total or partial destruction of objects marked with the regular distinctive emblem, such as:
a) buildings …
b) means of transport of any kind assigned to … the Red Cross or the organizations assimilated therewith which serve to transport … material of the Red Cross or of organizations assimilated therewith. 
Romania, Penal Code, 1968, Article 359.