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Practice Relating to Rule 161. International Cooperation in Criminal Proceedings
Section E. Cooperation with international criminal tribunals
Peru’s New Code of Criminal Procedure (2004) states:
1. Acts of international judicial cooperation, without prejudice to what is stipulated in international treaties, are the following:
a) Extradition;
b) Notifications regarding decisions and judgments, as well as notifying witnesses and experts when required to render their testimony;
c) Receiving testimonies and statements;
d) Showing and forwarding of judicial documents or their copies;
e) Forwarding of documents and reports;
f) Conducting inspections or investigations;
g) Examining objects and places;
h) Blocking of accounts, distraints, seizures or freezing of assets, house searches, control of communication, identification or locating of assets or of the instruments used for the commission of a crime, and any other measure limiting the exercise of rights;
i) Forwarding information and any elements of proof;
j) Temporary transfer of detainees during their criminal trial or after their conviction, whenever their appearance as witnesses be required, and of persons who are not detained;
k) Transfer of convicted persons;
l) Judicial proceedings abroad; and,
m) Supervised surrender of criminal goods. 
Peru, New Code of Criminal Procedure, 2004, Article 511(1).
The Code also states:
1. Acts of cooperation between Peru and the International Criminal Court are:
a) Arrest and surrender of persons
b) Provisional arrest;
c) The forms of cooperation stipulated in Article 93 of the [1998] Statute of the International Criminal Court.
2. Further, if they are not specifically included in the aforementioned international treaty, it will be possible to grant assistance in the circumstances covered by Article 511, paragraph 1, sub-paragraphs b) to m) and with regard to the execution of penalties imposed on Peruvian nationals by the International Criminal Court. 
Peru, New Code of Criminal Procedure, 2004, Article 554(1)–(2).