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Practice Relating to Rule 130. Transfer of Own Civilian Population into Occupied Territory
Norway’s Military Penal Code (1902), as amended in 1981, provides:
Anyone who contravenes or is accessory to the contravention of provisions relating to the protection of persons or property laid down in … the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949 … [and in] the two additional protocols to these Conventions … is liable to imprisonment. 
Norway, Military Penal Code, 1902, as amended in 1981, § 108.
Norway’s Penal Code (1902), as amended in 2008, states in a section related to “war crimes against persons”: “In the case of an international armed conflict, any person is also liable to punishment who … transfers part of its own civilian population into an occupied territory.” 
Norway, Penal Code, 1902, as amended in 2008, § 103(a) bis.