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Republic of Moldova
Practice Relating to Rule 158. Prosecution of War Crimes
The Republic of Moldova’s Penal Code (2002) provides sanctions for perpetrators of certain acts such as: “genocide” (Article 135); “ecocide” (Article 136); “inhuman treatments” (Article 137); “violations of international humanitarian law” committed “during an armed conflict or hostilities” (Article 138); “mercenary activity … in an armed conflict or military hostilities” (Article 141); “use of prohibited means and methods of warfare … during an armed conflict” (Article 143); “unlawful use of the red cross signs” (Article 363); “pillage of the dead on the battlefield” (Article 389); “acts of violence against the civilian population in the area of military hostilities” (Article 390); “grave breaches of international humanitarian law … committed during international and internal armed conflicts” (Article 391); and “perfidious use of the red cross emblem as a protective sign during armed conflict” (Article 392). 
Republic of Moldova, Penal Code, 2002, Articles 135–138, 141, 143, 363 and 389–392.