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Practice Relating to Rule 105. Respect for Family Life
Georgia’s Law on the Georgia Red Cross Society (2017) states:
Article 4
The [Georgia Red Cross] Society performs its activities in accordance with the Constitution of Georgia, the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949 and their Additional Protocols, the present law, other legislative and secondary normative acts and the statute of the Society.
Article 7
The Georgia Red Cross Society –
j) takes part in tracing operations organized by the International Committee of the Red Cross; sets up relevant services for this purpose;
k) carries out services that contribute to restor[ing] family links, including assisting family members separated due to armed conflict, natural disaster or illness to re-establish contact and provides information concerning conditions of each other[.] 
Georgia, Law on the Georgia Red Cross Society, 2017, Articles 4 and 7(j)–(k).