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Practice Relating to Rule 53. Starvation as a Method of Warfare
China’s Law Governing the Trial of War Criminals (1946) provides that “malicious killing of non-combatants by starvation” constitutes a war crime. 
China, Law Governing the Trial of War Criminals, 1946, Article 3(3).
In 1990, in the UN Sanctions Committee on Iraq, China declared that “everyone agreed” that the inhabitants of Iraq and Kuwait “must not be left to starve”. 
China, Statement before the UN Security Council Committee Established by Resolution 661 (1990) concerning the Situation between Iraq and Kuwait, UN Doc. S/AC.25/SR.5, 12 September 1990, p. 5.
The Report on the Practice of China states that the “Chinese Government supports the protection of the civilian population against starvation” in both international and non-international armed conflicts. 
Report on the Practice of China, 1997, Chapter 4.1.