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Practice Relating to Rule 110. Treatment and Care of the Wounded, Sick and Shipwrecked
Section B. Distinction between the wounded and the sick
Argentina’s Law of War Manual (1969) provides: “Only urgent medical reasons will authorize priority in the order of treatment to be administered.” 
Argentina, Leyes de Guerra, RC-46-1, Público, II Edición 1969, Ejército Argentino, Edición original aprobado por el Comandante en Jefe del Ejército, 9 May 1967, § 3.001.
(emphasis added)
Argentina’s Law of War Manual (1989) refers to Article 10 of the 1977 Additional Protocol I and Article 7 of the 1977 Additional Protocol II and states:
In all circumstances, the wounded, sick and shipwrecked, to whichever party they belong, must be respected and protected … There shall be no distinction based on any grounds other than medical ones. 
Argentina, Leyes de Guerra, PC-08-01, Público, Edición 1989, Estado Mayor Conjunto de las Fuerzas Armadas, aprobado por Resolución No. 489/89 del Ministerio de Defensa, 23 April 1990, § 2.03.
(emphasis added)