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South Africa
Practice Relating to Rule 145. Reprisals
Section C. Proportionality of reprisals
South Africa’s LOAC Manual (1996) states that “reprisals are only permitted according to strict criteria”. 
South Africa, Presentation on the South African Approach to International Humanitarian Law, Appendix A, Chapter 4: International Humanitarian Law (The Law of Armed Conflict), National Defence Force, 1996, § 34(e).
South Africa’s LOAC Teaching Manual (2008) states:
- Under customary international law, reprisals against persons and objects not protected against reprisals can be justified if the reprisals meet certain criteria, including the following:
- Reprisals must be proportionate to the illegal acts complained of and not excessive to the goal of ensuring enemy compliance with the law. 
South Africa, Advanced Law of Armed Conflict Teaching Manual, School of Military Justice, 1 April 2008, as amended to 25 October 2013, Learning Unit 3, pp. 194–195.