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Viet Nam
Practice Relating to Rule 99. Deprivation of Liberty
Section C. Prompt information on the reasons for deprivation of liberty
Viet Nam’s Criminal Procedure Code (2003) states that persons held in custody have certain rights, including: “To be informed of the reasons for their custody”. 
Viet Nam, Criminal Procedure Code, 2003, § 48.2(a).
Viet Nam’s Criminal Procedure Code (2015), which is applicable to the prosecution of war crimes, states:
Article 58. Persons held in emergency custody and arrestees
1. Persons held in emergency custody or arrested for criminal acts in flagrante and wanted notices are entitled to:
a) Hear and obtain the warrants of emergency custody, emergency arrest, written approvals of emergency custody and wanted notices;
b) Be informed of reasons of their temporary detainment and arrest …
Article 59. Temporary detainees
2. Temporary detainees are entitled to:
a) Be informed of reasons, obtain decisions and written extension of temporary detainment, written approvals of temporary detainment and other decisions of legal procedure according to this Law …
Article 115. Written records of emergency custody and arrest
1. Enforcers of detainment orders or arrest warrants must execute all matters in writing.
The record shall be read out to the detainee or arrestee and the witnesses. The detainee, arrestee, enforcers of the detainment order or arrest warrant and witnesses must affix signatures onto the record. If a person as stated above has different opinions or disagrees with the record, he is permitted to enter such opinions or disagreement into the record and affix signature below.
Article 117. Temporary detainment
2. …
… The decision on temporary detainment must be given to the person on temporary detainment.
3. Enforcers of decisions on temporary detainment must inform persons on temporary detainment and explain their duties and rights[.] 
Viet Nam, Criminal Procedure Code, 2015, Articles 58(1)(a)–(b), 59(2)(a), 115(1) and 117(2)–(3).