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United States of America
Practice Relating to Rule 130. Transfer of Own Civilian Population into Occupied Territory
The US Field Manual (1956) reproduces Article 49 of the 1949 Geneva Convention IV. 
United States, Field Manual 27-10, The Law of Land Warfare, US Department of the Army, 18 July 1956, as modified by Change No. 1, 15 July 1976, § 382.
In 1980, the US Secretary of State stated:
US policy toward the establishment of Israeli settlements in the occupied territories is unequivocal and has long been a matter of public record. We consider it to be contrary to international law and an impediment to the successful conclusion of the Middle East peace process. 
United States, Statement of the Secretary of State on behalf of the Carter Administration, 21 March 1980.
In 1991, the Secretary of State stated that Israeli settlement activity “does violate the United States policy”. 
United States, Testimony of the Secretary of State before the United States House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations, 102nd Congress, 22 May 1991.
In 1992, in its final report to Congress on the conduct of the Gulf War, the US Department of Defense declared that it regarded the transfer of the Iraqi population into occupied Kuwait in violation of Article 49 of the 1949 Geneva Convention IV as a war crime. 
United States, Department of Defense, Report to Congress on the Conduct of the Persian Gulf War, 10 April 1992, Appendix O, The Role of the Law of War, ILM, Vol. 31, 1992, p. 635.