Trinidad and Tobago
Practice Relating to the Prohibition of Certain Types of Landmines
Trinidad and Tobago’s Anti-Personnel Mines Act (2000) provides:
(1) Subject to section 6, no person shall–
(a) use an anti-personnel mine;
(b) develop or produce an anti-personnel mine;
(c) participate in the acquisition of a prohibited object;
(d) have a prohibited object in his possession;
(e) participate in the transfer of a prohibited object
(2) No person shall assist, encourage or induce any other person to engage in any conduct mentioned in subsection (1). 
Trinidad and Tobago, Anti-Personnel Mines Act, 2000, Article 4.
Trinidad and Tobago endorsed the Final Declaration of the Brussels Conference on Anti-personnel Landmines in June 1997, voted in favour of the UN General Assembly resolutions in support of a ban on anti-personnel landmines in 1996 and 1997 and supported the relevant OAS and CARICOM/CENTAM declarations and resolutions. 
Landmine Monitor Report 1999: Toward a Mine-Free World, available at