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Practice Relating to Rule 132. Return of Displaced Persons
In 2012, in its second periodic report to the Human Rights Committee, Chad stated:
76. From 2005 to 2007, a succession of crises at the regional level (in particular the Darfur conflict) and at the national level (insecurity and intercommunity and political tension) caused the internal displacement of some 180,000 persons in the eastern part of Chad, especially in the regions of Ouaddai and Sila. …
77. Displaced persons currently choose between integration, relocation or return to their village of origin. At this stage, the Government has taken significant steps to enable displaced persons to return by building shelters, health centres, schools, wells, etc.
78. Between 2007 and 2008, intercommunity fighting led to the forced displacement of some 16,000 Chadians within the country, in particular in the regions of Dar Sila and Ouaddai. ...
80. To date, the Government has set up:
– Two governmental institutions with a mandate for internally displaced persons: the national agency to coordinate support for humanitarian activities and the integrated security force … (CONSAHDIS) and the national commission for the reintegration of refugees and returnees (CNARR). CONSAHDIS supervises the integrated security force (DIS) and projects to assist displaced persons, returnees and/or relocated persons and host populations and manages displaced persons sites.
– A comprehensive stimulus programme for eastern Chad (PGRET), developed with the support of a number of partners, particularly UNDP, was officially approved in September 2010. This programme seeks to meet the needs of internally displaced persons and host communities in areas of return, with the help of substantial financial and human resources made available by the Government.
– PGRET is a strong and positive political signal from the Government, demonstrating its resolve to improve the living conditions of its citizens, enable returnees to put down roots and start a process that will enable them to enjoy their fundamental rights. 
Chad, Second periodic report to the Human Rights Committee, 28 January 2013, UN Doc. CCPR/C/TCD/2, submitted 20 July 2012, §§ 76–78 and 80.