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Practice Relating to Rule 123. Recording and Notification of Personal Details of Persons Deprived of Their Liberty
Somalia’s Military Criminal Code (1963) states:
382. Arbitrary refusal to recognize the status of a lawful belligerent. – A commander who causes serious harm to lawful enemy belligerents who have fallen into his power … by not according them the treatment prescribed by law or by international agreements … shall be punished, unless the act constitutes a more serious offence, by military confinement for not less than three years.
396. Compelling prisoners of war to give information – 1. A penalty of military confinement for two to seven years shall be imposed on anyone who uses violence or intimidation against one or more prisoners of war to compel them to:
(a) give information that might jeopardize the interests of their country or of the armed forces to which they belong;
2. If the violence consists of homicide, including even attempted murder or manslaughter, or of a severe or serious personal injury, the corresponding penalties prescribed in the criminal code shall be applied. The penalty of short-term imprisonment may, however, be increased. 
Somalia, Military Criminal Code, 1963, Articles 382 and 396.