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Practice Related to Rule 94. Slavery and Slave Trade
Senegal’s IHL Manual (1999) provides that one of the fundamental guarantees common to the IHL conventions and the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the prohibition of slavery and the slave trade in any form. 
Senegal, Le DIH adapté au contexte des opérations de maintien de l’ordre, République du Sénégal, Ministère des Forces Armées, Haut Commandement de la Gendarmerie et Direction de la Justice Militaire, Cabinet, 1999, pp. 3 and 23.
Senegal’s Penal Code (1965), as amended in 2007, lists “enslavement” as a crime against humanity “when committed on the occasion of a widespread or systematic attack against any civilian population”. 
Senegal, Penal Code, 1965, as amended in 2007, Article 431-2(6).